Protecting Life and Property

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Don't let your home or business become just another BURGLARY statistic...






With crime in the U.S rising 9 times as fast as the population, it has become increasingly important to have a crime prevention plan for both home and business.  Simple rules to follow are:

  • Have the protection of a good security system at all times.

  • Be sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving your home or business.

  • Try to leave a lived-in appearance when planing to remain away for extended periods of time.

  • Give a key to a trusted neighbor or person in an adjoining office who can take care of your mail and check your home or business periodically.

  • When at home make sure outside doors are locked.

  • Don't leave valuables around where they can be observed.

  • Don't open the door without visitors first identifying themselves.  

  • At night keep a light on at all outside entrances.  

  • Make sure garage doors are always locked. 

  • Always keep a check list of valuable property.



...or worse - you or your loved ones...


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