Outdoor Weatherproof IP

Fixed Camera Kit Includes:

*One Outdoor Hybrid  Wireless and Hard Wire

​Stand Alone Camera with Photo cell Activation, 640x480 hi-res built -in PIR and night vision Filter

​*One Wireless Receiver W/Power Adapters and Ethernet Cords.

* Free Phone App

* Services $4. Per Month!

​   $44- per Year!

Residential Protection


ViewLiveVideo on your tablet, PC or cellphone andknow whats going on in your home anytime, from anywhere.

Pan & Tilt

IP Camera  Kit Includes:

* One Indoor Hybrid Wireless And Hard Wire IP Pan & Tilt Camera.

* One Wireless Reciever Power Adapters & Ethernet Cord

* Free Phone App

*Service $4 per Month! $44 Per Year!



 Internet Video Recorder

View Live Video Or Recorded Video Up to 6 Cameras up to 30 Days , 20 FPS Playback & Control Online

Peace-of-mind delivered via cell phone or internet anywhere you are.


Now anyone can affordably look in on their home or business and keep an

eye on their property - anytime and anywhere there's internet access - thanks to

North American Security Systems' revolutionary video security camera system.  





We Put your video account online in minutes with wireless 802.11 cameras

We offer the Highest resolution remote video on the market! 25 frames per second @
VGA res. (640x480)

Patented auto-detect and enrollment of wireless cameras- true plug-n-play
Choice of Wi-Fi Cameras, pan & tilt, outdoor/waterproof or fixed IP.

View live video of your accounts' premises in the palm of your' hands with iPhones, Blackberrys, etc, or on your computer, and  Receive your video alerts anywhere in the world!

Video Services



    Protecting Life and Property

 North American     Security Systems




Stand Alone IP Camera Kit Includes:

* One Indoor Hybrid Wireless And Hard Wire ip Stand Alone Camera

* One Wireless Receiver w/Power Adapters & Ethernet Cord

* Free Phone App.

* Service $4. Per Month!

   $44- Per Year!

  WiFi indoor/outdoor cameras that auto-enroll and secure-lock your video network. Free Apps.iPhone/iPad, Blackberry, Droid.. Hi-res full-frame viewing, and fastest frame rate for live streaming video – not herky-jerky little screens that can’t be blown up.



Commercial Protection


ViewLive Video on your PC or cellphone andsee what's going on in your business anytime, anywhere.